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Hit boy group EXO has made their comeback with “Ko Ko Bop” off of their new album ‘The War’ and have been absolutely dominating the charts. Although they are meeting with even more success, member Kai admits he is struggling with one thing on stage.

It seems Kai can’t control his sexy dancing! Kai is known for having a hot body and revealing a bit of skin during his performances, and this time around, reports have been saying he is working hard to keep their stage performances PG13. But just exactly how are they taking this extra precaution?

The stylist appeared to have attached safety pins to Kai’s shirt, keeping it tucked into his pants and also preventing the buttons from popping open and revealing his sexy chocolate abs. Fans noticed the pins immediately and took photos and uploaded them on various sites and SNS platforms.

It appears Kai will be keeping his sexy body under wraps for a while. However, fans are still worried if the safety pins might pop off and potentially hurt the beloved EXO member. It could be a silly concern just to have him reveal his abs again! What do you think of this unique wardrobe enhancement for Kai?


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