Fans have been worried about this girl group for quite some time as their line up has changed constantly and one new member seems to be cast to the side and used as a ‘prop,’ according to fans,’ rather than a real part of the group.

It appears BP RaNia are in the spotlight again for allegedly mistreating member and rapper Alexandra. Fans are recently speculating that Alexandra may have finally left the group after all of the hints on SNS, her personal social media, and absence at various events. 

It was recently reported that Alexandra has blacked out her group profile, change her profile photos and even removed ‘BP RaNia’ from all of her social media handles and usernames.  Many fans have spoken out about DR Music, BP RaNia’s current agency, has managed the group but with Alexandra in particular. The lack of choreography and promotions were amongst many complaints. Now, with the recent departure of Yina from the group, more speculations about Alexandra’s departure are on the rise. 

Is this finally the end for RaNia? Many fans continued to share their concerns for Alexandra and BP RaNia as a whole on the new inactive Twitter account. Check out the shocking photos down below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the problem as well.

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