Premiere Watch: Strongest Deliveryman, Rescue Me

Maybe you’re in the mood for a light summery comedy, in which case there’s a new offering making its way toward you next weekend. Or maybe you subscribe to the Korean tradition of gravitating toward scary stories during the summertime, so the chills can cool you off in the heat. Or maybe you’re like me, and you’re just going to take everything and laugh, cry, and cower at the same time. All in a day’s work!


Strongest Deliveryman

Time slot: Friday & Saturday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Romantic comedy
Episode count: 32 (half-hour episodes, 16 hours in total)

Reasons to watch: I’m still not entirely sure what the plot will be, but all the teasers have been hilarious in the way the characters treat food delivery with the utmost importance, like they’re in a spy-action thriller when really they’re in a cheery rom-com. Go Kyung-pyo is finally getting top billing on a project after putting in several strong second-lead performances (Chicago Typewriter, Jealousy Incarnate, Answer Me 1988), while Chae Soo-bin (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) looks like she’s going to be bright and adorable in this.

I don’t have particular feelings about the production team, but I do like KBS programming bright comedies in this timeslot (following The Best Hit, which wrapped last weekend). For reference, PD Jeon Woo-sung directed body-swapper Oohlala Spouses makjang daily Heaven’s Promise, while writer Lee Jung-woo is stepping outside of his wheelhouse a bit after working on historicals Joseon Gunman and Comrades. Mostly, I’m watching this one for the comedy and the leads.


Rescue Me

Time slot: Saturday & Sunday
Broadcaster: OCN
Genre: Thriller
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: Okay, now this looks exciting. The teasers have been so creepy in the best way, and I have a feeling this show will be eerie, suspenseful, and chilling. I’m a wimp when it comes to straight horror or gore, but as this show deals with religious cults, it’s a different kind of terror we’re dealing with. Cults are a new topic for dramaland, and feel fresh and interesting, and a little provocative.

Moreover, I feel like this time Taecyeon (Bring It On, Ghost) is perfectly cast for this role—a hotheaded country bumpkin who sees someone in need and is compelled into action—and while I don’t feel a particular pull with Seo Ye-ji (Hwarang, Last), she also seems well-suited for this role of a young woman whose family gets caught up in the cult, and being the only one who seems to sense its bad juju. This is director Kim Sung-soo’s first drama series, but he’s got several films under his belt (mystery-thriller Genome Hazard, action-noir Running Wild) so let’s hope that translates to the small screen.


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