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Things got a little scary on the August 2nd airing of MBC’s ‘Radio Star.’ When actor Dong Ha revealed he was once nearly beaten to death by some strangers on the street, fans were completely disturbed. 

Dong Ha stated that this all happened when he was in high school and studying for an art exam. He said at the time he was having a tough time with the test and would study for long hours. But things got worse when he became a victim of a random assault. 

“Two weeks away from my art high school entrance exams, I was randomly assaulted by a stranger. I was hit by blunt weapons and fists, and my kidney ruptured. If I was even a little late, I would’ve died.”

Fans, including the MCs, were almost in tears hearing his tragic story. To think if he didn’t get to the hospital on time, he would have lost his life and K-Dramas wouldn’t be the same! Fans commented on how horrifying and terrible the experience must have been and that they wish the thugs who did it get what they deserve.

Despite all that, Dong Ha still continued with his exams saying, “The hospital doctor told me, ‘You may die on your way to take the exams.’ But I told him, ‘I would rather die than to live with regret for the rest of my life.'” What do you think of this actor’s shocking ordeal?

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