EXO’s Kai is always looking like a hottie on and off camera but this time, fans captured an odd situation of EXO’s Kai while he was at the airport in Gimpo, Korea.

Kai can be seen on the phone, rather busy with not enough time to pay attention to all of his fans who lined up at the airport and shouting his name. But this photo isn’t what is so embarrassing, but what is happening on with Kai’s phone.

It appears Kai was actually on YouTube and not using the phone at all! One sharp-eyed fan had captured the picture and noticed his phone screen simply had videos on it and no color identifying that he was on the phone at all.

Fans started questioning if he was doing it on purpose to avoid the press, paparazzi and fans? However, despite the tactic to avoid all of the attention, fans started flooding Twitter with comments about Kai’s hilarious actions. 

What do you think of the comments and Kai’s sly method of getting out of the airport in one piece?


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