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The secret lives of a Joseon acupuncturist and a modern-day surgeon

Ha, I have high hopes for this show. We’ve got two new teasers for the upcoming time-slip medical comedy Live Up to Your Name and I can’t wait to see Kim Nam-gil (Pandora) in action as the irreverent, mischievous Heo Im who gets thrown into present-day Seoul. There, he’ll meet Kim Ah-joong’s (Wanted) surgeon character Choi Yeon-kyung, who hilariously mistakes him for a mental patient.

The first teaser isn’t really relevant to the plot at all, but it does give off a cool summer vibe, and I hope that light touch is indicative of the show’s actual tone. Kim Nam-gil and Kim Ah-joong strut their stuff in their medical uniforms, him in his Joseon garb and her wearing a doctor’s coat. They get their model poses on as the show’s title appears in the sky. Kim Nam-gil’s mad cackle at the end is hilarious.

We get a closer look at the two medics as they go about their duties in the second teaser, with Kim Nam-gil sticking needles into his patients with precision and intense concentration, and Kim Ah-joong in the operating room, avoiding spurts of blood. However, once off-duty, our heroine relieves stress by letting it all out on the dance floor, and I love that she can hold her own when she’s approached by a couple of sleazy guys at the club, crotch-grab and all. Our Joseon hero, who should be providing his services for free as a member of the Hyeminseo, has his own nightly escapades moonlighting as an acupuncturist-for-hire and amasses a small fortune catering to the rich and privileged: “How could I ask that you receive treatment in such an undignified place, among lowly commoners? But of course, I should serve you separately, as hardworking officials of the government!”