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If you thought EXO had crazy fans, think again! It seems that BTS have found themselves a fan who was willing to put themselves in harm’s way just to prove their love for the popular boy group.

A young fan by the name of Kaley had posted this shocking photo on Twitter after a friend had dared her. Kaley revealed that the conversation went like this: Kaley said to her friend, “BTS are so beautiful I could shove a hammer in my mouth.” Her friend called her out on her bluff and she was willing to prove them wrong!

Unfortunately, the hammer (hilariously enough) got stuck and she had to ask her mom to take it out. Ever since posting the photo, it has gone viral among ARMY and K-Pop fans. The post already received 10K likes/retweets combined. 

Fans replied to the post saying, “But why…,” and “I can only shake my head at this stupidity.” The mixed reactions range from negative commentary to simple laughter. Perhaps BTS will respond to the girl’s absurd post? Let’s just try not to trend the hammer challenge or try this at home. What do you think of the crazy photo?

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