It is no surprise that Korean people love to drink – especially when it comes to soju and mekju! If you haven’t gone drinking with our Korean friends yet or are about to experience a night in Koreatown, you better come prepared because these are 5 drinking games that every Korean will want to play with you!



The worst combination in history has got to be math and alcohol! However, it doesn’t stop Koreans from having fun with a game of 3-6-9. Players have to say the numbers, starting from 1, out loud but you must clap instead of saying any number that has a 3, 6, or 9. If you do, the penalty is obvious!



The object of this game is very simple, take the top cap of a bottle of soju and flick the twisting ring back and forth until it pops off! Whoever flicks it off is free of suffering from a drinking penalty!



Great, more numbers! But this game is easy – simply say “Gong, Gong, Chil” (Zero, Zero, Seven) and when someone says “Seven,” that person must point their finger and shout bang at any other player. If the player fails to react in time they must take a shot of soju!



This is a fun icebreaker game where players must state something or describe a trait about a person. If people think it matches someone’s personality, they will point their chopsticks at that person. Whoever gets the most chopsticks pointed at them must drink.



When you open a bottle of soju, there is usually a number inside the cap. Players must guess the number and who ever is the closest must drink up! There is also a similar game done with a deck of cards that is called ‘Hi-Low.’


Which drinking game are you ready to try next?

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