Couples new and old in MBC’s weekend drama Man Who Sets the Table

This looks cute! I’m not normally a fan of long weekenders, but currently airing Father Is Strange over on KBS has dispelled a lot of the prejudices I had about the genre, so I’m looking forward to seeing whether I’ll enjoy MBC’s upcoming Man Who Sets the Table just as much. It doesn’t hurt that Ohn Joo-wan (Beautiful Gong Shim) and Sooyoung (Police Unit 38) look like they’ll make an adorable couple, at least from what we see in this first teaser.

It looks like Man Who Sets the Table will follow two couples, one in danger of being at the tail-end of their relationship, and the other who will bicker their way into beginning one. Kim Mi-sook (Flower in Prison) and Kim Gab-soo (Whisper) play a husband and wife who seem prone to violent outbursts: We see him flipping tables and her giving him some good smacks, hard enough to draw blood. Yikes. She asks for separation to his incredulity, and the teaser labels them “a couple who have lost love.”

Oh noes, Sooyoung’s character catches her cheating boyfriend, played by Lee Shi-un (Reunited Worlds), in the act and — in what I’m praying is a dream sequence — crashes his wedding to get into a hair-pulling catfight with the bride. I am so mortified for her, even though a part of me thinks Cheating McCheaterson deserves to have his wedding ruined, especially when he shoves Sooyoung to the ground and yells that love is only possible when the two are on the same level. Well, she might be the “woman who has lost her lover,” but there’s a better person for her out there, in the form of a shirtless Ohn Joo-wan!

Though he might have, err, “lost” something of his own. He gets examined by a doctor, and he’s told that he is no longer “capable as a man,” pffft. I’m sorry, it shouldn’t be funny, but it’s so. Funny. Especially when it looks like he’s trying to compensate by working out in the gym. It doesn’t look like he and Sooyoung had a great first meeting, though, judging by the intense shock and anger they both express upon seeing each other in a foreign resort. Hee, I’m so ready to see them bicker their way to love.

I’m pretty happy to see some very strong comedic elements in Man Who Sets the Table, since I’m unfamiliar with the writer Park Hyun-joo and PD Joo Sung-woo’s past shows, which include Wonderful Mama, Hundred Year Inheritance, Queen’s Flower, and Monster. I was worried that it would be too makjang, but at least from this teaser, it looks like there’s not as much melodrama as I was expecting. A good rom-com with an emphasis on the comedy is just what I need on the weekends to help lighten the watching experience after Rescue Me.

Man Who Sets the Table will premiere on September 2, taking over You’re Too Much in MBC’s Saturday-Sunday slot.

Via iMBC, Naver TV


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