SHINee’s Onew was charged with sexual harassment on August 12th, 2017 and was taken into custody for questioning with the authorities. The singer was charged with forced sexual molestation at a club located in Gangnam, Seoul. 

The first reported claimed that Onew had met with Woman A and touched her without her consent on two occasions but soon after SM Entertainment, Onew’s Agency, got involved with the matter stating that it was a “misunderstanding and the victim wishes to drop the charges.”

SM Entertainment released this official statement about the claims and case.

“Onew went to a club on the morning of August 12 with his friends to celebrate his debut as a DJ. While he was drunk and dancing, he inadvertently made contact with the people around him, causing a misunderstanding and was then investigated by police.”

“However the other party also recognized that this situation could arise due to being drunk, so they said that it was all a misunderstanding, stated they wished for no punishments and submitted a request to drop all of the charges.”

However, a witness came forward claiming they were at the scene and provided their side of the story about the events that occurred that night. 

“I heard them saying it was a friend’s birthday and Onew ordered two bottles of champagne. He was drinking and dancing with his friends.” Onew was allegedly already drunk before arriving to the club and continued to get drunk rapidly. 

“Onew was nearly out of it. I think he grabbed A’s body while falling.” 

When he touched Woman A, she responded angrily to which the witness claimed his friends defended Onew saying, “Onew is very drunk it really wasn’t on purpose. We are very sorry” 

Supposedly, Onew was to drink and couldn’t regain balance when he touched the girl a second time. The club owner even stated she was dancing on a platform very close to Onew, which is why the incident happened. “Onew couldn’t even stand properly. He grabbed A’s leg while sitting on the platform, I think he thought it was a column of a sort.” 

At approximately 7:00 AM she contacted the police and the Nonhyun police department dispatched a unit. A told the police that she was sexually molested,” according to the reports. “Onew couldn’t even answer the police’s questions properly.”

The reports further claimed that the victim had requested police drop all charges, but an investigation is still on going and the police have received CCTV footage from inside the club for further investigating. What do you think of this horrible situation? Stay tuned for more updates!

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