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NCT Dream’s Jaemin has been out of the spotlight for quite some time ever since their debut promotions for “Chewing Gum.” Now that recent reports have been centering around his M.I.A status, the boy group member has finally spoken up about the matter.

Jaemin has eased the minds and troubled hearts of many fans by providing an update on his current condition and revealing his status as a member of NCT Dream. On August 13, Jaemin posted the following photo and letter on NCT‘s official web page saying, “Hello everyone! This is Jaemin~!! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. Did everyone miss me?”

The post continued, I want to see everyone too, I am working hard on recovering from my back injury, and I am waiting for the day where I can meet fans again!” He continued on, “Please show a lot of love for NCT Dream‘s “We Young” which they recently made a comeback with. My members and I will work hard! Lately, it has been very hot, please be healthy and don’t be sick.” Jaemin concluded his post with “Thank you once again for my 18th birthday wishes, I really love you!”

Before, the photo shown above was one of the last sightings of Jaemin during his recovery phase. Fans are happy to see him sharing his good health condition as well as posting through NCT’s official page, solidifying he is still a member of the group! Are you happy to hear from the lovely Jaemin?


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