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It seems no artists is safe from the wrath of netizens! Hit American artist Ariana Grande has recently become a target of hate comments as she was severely criticized by Korean fans after her Korean concert tour.

Ariana Grande had a performance set for August 15th at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul for her ‘Dangerous Woman Tour‘. However, Ariana visited Japan first from August 10th to the 13th and was unfortunately late coming to Korea.

Ariana arrived at Kimpo Airport at 5 pm KST on August 15, which was 3 hours before her concert started. When questioned, Ariana explained, “I delayed my arrival in order to avoid the press.” Fans were angered and left comments such as, “Don’t come any more”, “She’s looking down on the Korean fans”, “She tours Japan after her concert but just immediately leaves Korea”, “She has a terrible personality”, “She deceived the Korean fans. So disappointed”, ”I guess she just came for the money”, “Korea was just a pit stop for her”, “No manners at all.” 

Fans had already expressed their anger all over the internet and explained how the concert schedule was ruined – especially for people who purchased VIP tickets. Korean fans were angered by Ariana’s late arrival because they were unable to watch the rehearsal as originally scheduled. The Meet & Greet session with Ariana was also reportedly delayed and shortened.  

Many fans felt it was disorganized and international fans expressed their sorrow for fans as well as similar situations have occurred for oversea concerts featuring Korean artists as well. Many international fans reflected on the incidents involving BTS and Jay Park concerts. What do you think of these endless concert problems? Is it the artists or the venues faults? 

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