Jay Park has a lot going for him lately. Forbes put him on the list of the prestigious 30 under 30 celebrities in Asia, i-D magazine called him a “renaissance man,” while several local Seattle TV stations and newspapers have dubbed him as “Seattle’s son” but to many, he’s simply Jay Park: a friend, family, or a co-worker who happens to be one of Asia’s next biggest stars. Here are 10 reasons why Jay Park is such a boss:

He has mad skills

There’s no denying that Jay has talent. There’s a fire inside of him that enables him to keep going despite his past challenges, and being on stage has motivated him to continue doing the one thing he loves most — music. Everything he does is grounded on music: b-boying, dancing, rapping, and singing. He’s all that plus he’s also added other valuable talents to this list: songwriting and producing other artists.


He’s got a rebellious, free spirit

Jay Park is a boss; he’s literally the co-founder of a hip hop/urban independent label called AOMG alongside Simon Dominic. They give off a squad goals vibe that everyone wants to be a part of. To top it off, AOMG artists have lots of creative freedom; both Jay and Simon D encourage their artists to stay true to themselves while doing their best in making music. And when it comes to business, meeting release dates, and arranging their concepts, they don’t slack off. After all, AOMG stands for “Always on My Grind.”

In an interview, Jay told i-D, “I’ve always been sort of rebellious, when someone says: ‘You have to do this,’ it never makes sense for me to do it. Like, why can’t a K-pop person swear, why can’t they have half-naked ladies in a music video. It’s just a music video, why not? I’m a nice guy when it comes to daily life, but when it comes to society and how people think things should be a certain way, I have to challenge those invisible rules.”

He never forgets his crew

Jay joined a b-boy crew called Art of Movement back in 2003, and he’s been like brothers with the members ever since. Until now, he still works with Cha Cha Malone, and he always gives credit to where credit is due (note: most of his songs include the shout out “I need a Cha Cha beat boy”). In the fast-paced music industry, he makes sure to never forget the people who not only helped him when he’s on top, but also those who stood by him when he hit rock bottom.

He’s great as a solo artist

While he’s all about his crew, he also does amazing things as a solo artist. His voice is smooth and his dance moves are just as sleek. His style is distinct yet versatile; he can sing intimate songs, rap angry lyrics that excite the crowd, and move to any beat while making it his own.

Watch his latest MV release “YACHT” below: