BTS ‘Bon Voyage’ has taken ARMYs on a personal journey through the everyday lives of BTS. As we got to know the members on a more personal level, the mood became a bit more sensitive on the latest episode when V started crying because of member Jimin.

On this episode, the members wrote handwritten letters to one another and V had written his for Jimin. However, while he began to reflect o their humble beginnings and read the letter to him, V began to cry!

The letter had said, Jimin-ah, hello~ Writing you this sincere letter is making me cringe but I am trying to go on. Please understand. Since our trainee days, we came to Seoul without a clue.We woke up, put on school uniforms and attended the same school. We ate together, went to practice and returned to the dorm.

Then we talked at night.” The letter was already built up an interesting atmosphere for fans as V began to wipe away his tears.

“After 6 years like that, you are now my dearest friend. Before our debut, you once got anxious about it. At the time, I had a meeting with the company and they asked me what I thought of you being on the team. I thought it over and said that you were there for me through the ups and downs, you were the one who laughed and cried with me,” said V.

He continued, “So I said that it would be good if such a good friend could debut with me. It felt good to say that and I was happy to be able to debut with you. All our good memories made me happy and I am sorry that I am always on the receiving end.” This is when every watching probably began to cry, too!

V finished his letter saying, When I am in the bathroom crying, you cry with me. You also come to see me at dawn to laugh with me. You care about me and have me in your thoughts. You work hard for me and you understand me. You listen to my concerns and like me even though I am lacking. Let’s walk on a road with happiness. I love you, buddy.” Such tear-jerking words!

Member Jimin laughed and responded by saying, “I think about that a lot… so stop crying, you punk!” Their brotherly love is too cute. Keep supporting each other BTS!

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