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Dying roses and burning skulls for OCN’s Black

Believe it or not, I wasn’t generally really into OCN’s offerings before this year, but ever since Tunnel, my weekends are never complete without a thriller to creep me out. OCN is gearing up for its next weekend show, Black, and they are definitely playing to their strengths — dark and stylish — if this first teaser is anything to go by.

While currently airing Rescue Me doesn’t really include a sci-fi element, its predecessors Tunnel and Duel certainly did, and as a fantasy geek, I’m pretty excited to see the supernatural component back in this newest OCN show. Song Seung-heon (Saimdang, Light’s Diary) will star as a grim reaper who falls in love with a human, played by Go Ara (Hwarang), thus violating the rules of heaven and is subsequently punished by having his existence erased. Harsh, but those dramaland deities have been known to be just that.

This first look at the show doesn’t reveal much about the plot details, but it’s quite beautiful, in a gothic kind of way. It starts with a close-up of some pink roses, which quickly wither away and turn gray. The director-writer duo, PD Kim Hong-sun of Voice and Choi Ran of God’s Gift–14 Days, get a mention, accompanied by a backdrop of stormy clouds. Then, there’s a brief flash of a burning skull and Song Seung-heon doing what he does best — brooding — while the chyron reads, “The dead one protecting death.” Go Ara’s reads, “The woman who predicts death,” as we see a super close frame of her eyes.