Actor Yu Haoming recently suffered a great ordeal after being caught in a fiery accident on set. The actor rose to fame after starring in the Chinese version of hit Korean drama ‘Boys Over Flowers.’

While filming for his recent drama, something went wrong with the props causing the set to explode and unleashed a deadly, wild fire. His co-star Selina was caught in the flames, however, Yu Hao Ming bravely went back and shield her body from behind in order to escort her safely from the flames.

The news of his heroic act alongside his severe injuries spread quickly. It was reported that Yu Hao Ming suffered from 1st and 2nd-degree burns on 39% of his body – including his face. Because of this, he has gone on a 2-year hiatus in order to recover.

The photo above is the actor now whose face has been forever changed by the incident. Many people in China and now across the globe consider him a hero but he has been claimed to have dismissed his title of being a hero from the media quite often. Selina also reported she was eternally grateful for his actions.

Hopefully, the actor can continue on with a successful career and happy life. How do you feel about hearing such brave actions? Share your thoughts down below.



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