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2017-08-27 20:33:19
2017-08-27 20:33:18

On August 28, MBC’s radio producers joined MBC’s variety show producers in a strike against the company, leading to canceled radio broadcasts.

Radio programs “Opening the Morning with Lee Jae Eun” and “Good Morning FM Noh Hong Chul” airing at 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. KST have been canceled. An official notice was posted for listeners saying, “We ask the listeners for your understanding in playing special music programs instead of the regular programs due to the broadcasting company’s circumstances.” Standard FM radio shows are still being aired on schedule.

Meanwhile, 40 MBC radio producers went on strike demanding the resignation of MBC’s current president Kim Jang Kyum and multiple chairmen. In the producers’ statement, they accused the higher-ups for their ugly interferences that led to the fall of listener and reliability ratings. Since the radio producers formally announced joining the strike at 5 a.m. KST, radio shows are continuing to be canceled.

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