KBS raises the curtain on its annual Drama Special series

Another year, another KBS Drama Special series. I’m not usually a fan of drama shorts in general, but I’ll be tuning into the one-episode stories that make up this year’s string of specials over on KBS, which promises ten different “romances.” We have two short teasers out for the first half of the series, listed below, and the glimpses we get have me pretty excited at the amount of talent KBS has managed to recruit this year.

If We Were a Season: This is going to be so cute, I just know it. Jang Dong-yoon (School 2017), Chae Soo-bin (Strongest Deliveryman), and Jinyoung (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) star in a high-school love triangle described as a “youth melo,” though I do have to wonder whether the melo part is just in the characters’ heads. ‘Cause I cracked up when Jang Dong-yoon yells, “If we really are just friends…” with Chae Soo-bin responding, equally serious, “I don’t know, you bastard,” and then we cut to a teacher telling them to shut up and raise their arms as we see them kneeling on the floor in punishment mode. Lol, that school bell at the end.

You’re Closer Than I Think: Lee Sang-yub (This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair) and Kim So-eun (Our Gap-soon) will costar in a mystery melodrama centering around a bride who leaves her would-be husband at the altar and takes off on the honeymoon solo, leaving just a single text message. Her jilted groom and the audience will find out more sides to the runaway bride, played by Kim So-eun, through the hints she’s left behind. When not being abandoned at the altar, Lee Sang-yub’s character is a secondhand bookstore owner and the radio DJ of his own station.