All hell has broken loose in Texas due to the natural disaster of Hurricane Harvey. Despite being overseas, one K-Pop idol has taken an effort to show his support to the state by donating a large sum of money to the Hurrican Harvey Relief Fund.

Hit rapper Jay Park was reported to have donated $5,000 dollars to the relief fund on September 1st. The idol also uploaded a photo on his personal Instagram of the screenshot proving his donation service to a relief page that is still accepting donations. 

He continued to encourage others to show their support for the cause by either sharing the link (just as he did in his caption) or donating money as well. “Make sure you lend a helping hand if you can,” Jay Park sincerely wrote.

Fans were impressed by his actions and also began offering money to the same page as Jay Park as well. What do you think of the idols thoughtful actions? Feel free to show your support with the link here.

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