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The maknae of popular boy group Seventeen may be the leader of romance as a video of Dino was leaked with audio of him speaking to his girlfriend.

The video has been shared among carats (fans of Seventeen) and has now circulated across the entire K-Pop fandom. The video shows Dino shirtless with a charming filter to enhance his aegyo as he says “I Love You Very Much, Too” to a girl by the name of Min Kyung. Check out the video down below!

What really hit fans right in the heart was the sweet kiss he blows out towards the end. The video obviously spread like wildfire and netizens were curious as to how fans obtained the video and who Min Kyung is. It appears Min Kyung had lost her phone and someone had found the phone with the video inside and uploaded it online.

After doing some digging, fans have noticed that Dino had left a message to Min Kyung noona in the group’s album in the past, thanking her for her support. It has been confirmed that the girl is actually an employee at Pledis Entertainment and claimed to be Dino’s current girlfriend. 

Fans commented with mixed opinions saying, “Isn’t it illegal to leak personal stuff?”, “No respect for idol’s privacy…” while others were merely shocked by how lucky this Min Kyung girl is by saying, ‘Hul, what is this??”, “I can’t believe it…lucky”, “??? Isn’t Dino underage to be dating now?”  What do you think of this situation? Pledis Entertainment nor Dino have come forward with any response or information on the video as of yet. Stay tuned for more updates.

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