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Although underrated, the up and coming girl group BESTie has recently announced that two of their members have ultimately left the group and their agency, YNB Entertainment, discuss their disbandment.

The girl group debuted back in 2013 with “Pita Pat” and continued to release fairly well-ranking hits after that such as “Thank You Very Much,” “Love Options” and “Hot Baby.” The group had finished promotions back in 2015 with “Excuse Me.” Now, lead vocalist Uji and lead dancer Dahye have announced their departure.

Although the girls nor the agency have released an official statement in regards to why they two members have decided to leave the group, YNB Entertainment revealed the girls wanted to terminate their contracts prior to their expiration date.

In regards to the group’s possible disbandment, their agency reassured fans and stated, “BESTie will undergo a reorganization in a number of ways including recruiting new members. However, they (Haeryung and Hyeyeon) will focus on their solo activities for now.” They continued, “In respect for U.JI and Dahye and their future, we have agreed to end their contracts early.”

The remaining members have also not come forward with any statements regarding the matter and the group is expected to reform by the beginning of 2018. How do you feel about this sad news? Hopefully, the group will not lose its charm and style with their upcoming changes. For four years of great music, we say “Thank You Very Much” to BESTie!