Jo Hyun-jae joins Four Men as villainous brother

It looks like Jo Hyun-jae (Yong-pal) will be playing the villain once again. He’s joined the cast of Park Hae-jin’s (Man to Man) upcoming multiple-identity action-thriller Four Men. The new SBS drama is about one man’s journey as he tries to find what drives human hopes, and finds mystery and romance along his way. The main female character is a violent crimes police investigator who lost her lover, and by fate meets someone with the same face.

Park Hae-jin has been confirmed to play the male leads (four of them, as the title suggests), and Nana (The Good Wife) will be the heroine. Kwak Shi-yang (Chicago Typewriter) has also joined the cast as an elite police officer who will be Nana’s sunbae, and Kyung Su-jin (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju) will play a reporter who is Nana’s best friend.

The role Jo Hyun-jae has been offered is the elder brother of one of Park Hae-jin’s four identities. It was initially reported that Eom Ki-joon would play that role, but it went to Jo Hyun-jae in the end. The character is an overseas-educated chaebol heir with an ambitious drive and determination. He’s selfish to the core, possessing a strong desire to trample and win over his younger brother. (Oh so exactly like his previous role in Yong-pal.) When he learns Park Hae-jin’s secret, he uses it to secure his place in the company succession line.

Action thriller mystery romance drama Four Men is expected to air at the beginning of next year on SBS.

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