It was recently reported on September 6th that U-KISS member Kiseop had suffered from 2nd-degree burns and sustained other injuries when a smoke machine exploded during the filming of the group’s comeback MV.

The U-KISS member was immediately hospitalized and their agency NH Entertainment shared the photo shown above in order to update fans and the media of his condition. The idol suffered burns to his face and had pieces of set material lodged into his body, mostly damaging his left arm and hand.

The idol apologized to fans the next day because of their worry over his condition. His label provided updates on the U-KISS’ official fancafe saying, “Kiseop is currently resting at home, and he will be visiting the hospital for treatment. He is stable, and he told fans that he is sorry for worrying you.” Now, a video of the incident has been revealed and also shows an update on the idol’s current health condition.