EXID’s last comeback for “Night Rather Than Day” was just a few months ago, but fans started to notice something unique about the K-Pop group’s lyrics and pointing them out in the MV comments.

Ever since the groups claim to fame with “UP & DOWN,” fans have deemed the group for being highly sexualized and often containing sexual innuendos not only in their lyrics but also in their music videos as well – and with reason.

However, the song “Night Rather Than Day” has been speculated to be about the group members secretly dating another idol! Lyrics such as “There are so many people outside,” “Can we meet at night rather than day,” and “Come again tomorrow night, the darker the better” made fans speculate that the lyrics represent the hidden relationships of idols and their methods of secretly dating.

Although EXID’s Hani has been the only member reported to have been publicly dating JYJ’s Junsu back in early 2016, fans are wondering if rapper LE had any secret dating rendezvous which inspired her to write the lyrics for the song. Maybe – or maybe not? What are your thoughts on these romantic lyrics?