Rookie girl group ELRIS are receiving lots of attention over their newly revamped style the amplifies their cutie image to the max! However, it wasn’t all easy and sweet as their concept suggests – the girls endured some pain while working on their new album and image change.

ELRIS held a showcase at Hongdae’s Yes24 MUV Hall in Seoul on September 13th, and the girl group revealed some changes each member went through in order to prepare for the album as well as some embarrassing topics during the process.

Sohee said, “We all worked hard to prepare for this album.” She continued, “Certain members had drastic changes in appearance, mostly with hairstyles: Bella (the group’s leader) transformed by cutting her hair completely short. I also sat in the hair salon for a long time in order to dye my scalp, but I endured the pain of it.”

During the showcase, member Yukyoung revealed her biggest pain while preparing for the album. “I also have a lot of discoloration and had dyed my hair a lot to look beautiful on stage and for the MV. It took a lot of time going from blonde to pink so my butt hurt a lot at that time,” causing everyone to laugh!