Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sept. 11-17, 2017

Though School 2017 didn’t leave big shoes to fill in terms of numbers, surprisingly, short-run series Lingerie Girls’ Generation pulled in a decent 4.8% by its second episode. Of course, Falsify finished its run at a high (these days, anyway) 12.4%, leaving The King Loves stuck firmly in the middle. I am a bit surprised about the latter, since things have really been picking up lately—but that only rewards the viewer who’s been sticking with the show, so I can see where it might not be enough to pick up new viewers at this late stage of the game.

While Manhole and Criminal Minds continue to pull in about the same numbers each week, it’s Hospital Ship that’s knocking everything else out of the water (sorry), though again, it’s strange to consider not-even-teen digits as being the high end of the spectrum. It’s clearly on the uptick though, so maybe it won’t be content to stop at just under 13%, and maybe it’ll try a bit harder to earn those numbers going forward.

Over on the weekend, Age of Youth 2 is actually managing to rise in numbers (yay!), while Live Up to Your Name continues to earn the highest among the weekend cable shows. Rescue Me continues to do decently, though I can’t help but wish that it would pull in even better numbers to reward its talented cast. But you can’t win ’em all.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sept. 11-17, 2017

Ep. # Station Rating
Monday, Sept. 11
Lingerie Girls’ Generation 1 KBS 4.3%
The King Loves 33 MBC 5.8%
The King Loves 34 MBC 6.4%
Falsify 29 SBS 10.3%
Falsify 30 SBS 12.4%
Argon 3 tvN 2.6%
Tuesday, Sept. 12
Lingerie Girls’ Generation 2 KBS 4.8%
The King Loves 35 MBC 6.6%
The King Loves 36 MBC 7.2%
Falsify 31 SBS 11.0%
Falsify 32 SBS 12.4%
Argon 4 tvN 2.4%
Wednesday, Sept. 13
Manhole 11 KBS 2.1%
Hospital Ship 9 MBC 9.8%
Hospital Ship 10 MBC 12.0%
Reunited Worlds 33 SBS 4.5%
Reunited Worlds 34 SBS 5.8%
Criminal Minds 15 tvN 2.1%
Thursday, Sept. 14
Manhole 12 KBS 1.9%
Hospital Ship 11 MBC 11.0%
Hospital Ship 12 MBC 12.9%
Reunited Worlds 35 SBS 5.3%
Reunited Worlds 36 SBS 6.1%
Criminal Minds 16 tvN 2.5%
Friday, Sept. 15
Age of Youth 2 7 JTBC 2.8%
Strongest Deliveryman 13 KBS 5.4%
Saturday, Sept. 16
My Golden Life 5 KBS 25.3%
Strongest Deliveryman 14 KBS 6.7%
Man Who Sets the Table 5 MBC 6.2%
Thief-nom, Thief-nim 37 MBC 8.4%
Sister Is Alive 45 SBS 12.0%
Sister Is Alive 46 SBS 19.4%
Age of Youth 2 8 JTBC 3.1%
Rescue Me 13 OCN 2.5%
Live Up to Your Name 11 tvN 5.9%
Sunday, Sept. 17
My Golden Life 6 KBS
Man Who Sets the Table 6 MBC
Thief-nom, Thief-nim 38 MBC
Rescue Me 14 OCN
Live Up to Your Name 12 tvN


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