Jiyoon, a former member of 4Minute who now goes by the name of Jenyer, has recently spoken up about her time spent with the girl group and what she claims is the real reason behind their sudden disbandment.

During an interview with TV Report on September 12th, Jenyer opened up almost instantly when the question about her former group members had arisen. “A part of me wanted to continue 4minute but the members had different paths they wanted to take. It was all different; one member wanted to pursue acting, one wanted to sing, and another wanted to do different music than being an idol.” 

When it came to personal regrets within the group, Jenyer shared the following. “There’s one thing that I regret the most. It happened several times overseas but we’ve never had solo concerts in Korea. It was 4minute’s #1 wish to have a solo concert… If I had to choose one thing I regret the most about 4minute’s disbandment then it would be not having a concert. It remains a big pain for us.”