It was recently reported that K-Pop boy group MadTown are suing their agency. On September 11th, the boy group announced they were filing a cancellation of their exclusive contract with the Seoul Central Court.

According to various reports, GNI Entertainment’s CEO was arrested for fraud earlier this year. Although no response was given by the CEO, E Daily reported on February 22nd “CEO Sung was recently arrested and questioned by the Songpa Police Department for scamming investors. It’s also revealed that CEO Sung is charged with foreign exchange violations and 32 other criminal charges.” 

It was later revealed after the CEO’s arrest that the company had been left abandoned and the artists, especially MadTown, were left in limbo, unable to do anything. For now, the company and the members of MadTown appeared to be scattered and this situation can ultimately lead to the group’s disbandment.

The group was last active back in 2016. Member Jung Si Hyun was active on ‘Produce IOI Season 2’ and the rest are awaiting the good news of their contracts being canceled in order to move on with their careers. Let’s hope for the best for MadTown.

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