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You read correctly, instead of the usual weekly show, music program ‘Show Champion’ have decided to dedicate a day to BTS an air a BTS special in order to celebrate their latest successful album release ‘Love Yourself: Her.’

On September 18th, the broadcasting station announced on their official Twitter page that the September 20th episode of ‘Show Champion’ will be dedicated to celebrating BTS and will feature behind the scenes clips of the boys on tour, during performances and even their album making process. The show will be titled ‘BTS’ Decompressor!

Although this broadcast will contain no live stage performances, the company stated the following for what they have in store for fans: “Please note, the Wednesday, September 20 broadcast of ‘Show Champion” at 7 p.m. KST will not air live, but instead feature a BTS special episode titled, ‘BTS’s Decompressor!,’ [which will] include behind-the-scenes and performances of BTS! We hope many of you will tune in to watch.”

Are you excited to see the many achievements and history of BTS? Prepare yourself for the event and be sure to check out their new release “DNA” off of their album down below!