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SBS has unveiled another set of still cuts of Wednesday-Thursday drama “While You Were Sleeping.”

In the new photos, the viewers can catch a glimpse of Suzy and Hwang Young Hee in conflict with a brawny man in a leather jacket.

In the first photo, Hong Joo (played by Suzy), who was helping her mother Yoon Moon Sun (played by Hwang Young Hee) at the pork belly restaurant, can be seen staring seriously at one man in a black leather jacket with a tiger imprinted on the back of it. In the next photo, the mother and daughter stop the man who is attempting to drive off, which leads them to fall onto the ground in the final photo.

According to the staff, this is a scene that happens after Suzy’s character sees this moment in her dreams. Surprised, Hong Joo, who can see future accidents through her dreams, and her mother try to stop the driver to prevent the accident from happening.

“While You Were Sleeping” will air its first episode on September 27.

If you haven’t already, you can check out the teaser below!

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