Song Seung-heon goes from bad cop to badass grim reaper in Black

Here we have a new teaser and character posters for the OCN drama Black, which gives us a little more detail about the relationship between the main characters. In the drama, Go Ara (Hwarang) plays human clairvoyant Ha-ram, while Song Seung-heon (Saimdang, Light’s Diary) plays grim reaper Black, who inhabits the body of a cop on earth. She can see death before it happens, and he protects death, but somehow they end up forming an unlikely alliance to defy the laws of heaven to save lives.

The teaser starts off with Song Seung-heon being reprimanded by his police investigator superiors at the scene of a crime. After a long day of work, the cops join for dinner, and they mutter under their breaths about Song Seung-heon’s incompetence, while he apologizes and drinks.

At the scene of an attempted suicide, Song Seung-heon finally meets Go Ara, “The Woman Who Predicts Death,” and she tells him that the man is going to die. He slurs to her, “Seeing death is not a curse, it’s a gift.” Her next premonition is about him, and she tells him that she saw someone holding a gun.