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Breakups are rough – plain and simple. The only way to get over it is with some sad music or empowering, rage enabling songs! Take a moment to forget your past love and their greedy actions with this I’m-better-on-my-own playlist of K-Pop hits!

The girls of Dal Shabet totally hit the nail on the head with their song “Someone Like U.” They banish the guys to the side and tell the to meet someone just as rude, stupid and selfish as them in their bad future.

The girls of miss A make it clear that they will not continue on with such a bad man. The classic song “Good-bye Baby” is straight to the point as they put an end to their terrible relationship.

Girl’s Day became real game changers after releasing “Expectation,” the song that launched their musical career. After ditching the cutesy act and become a strong, empowered woman who are willing to forget the men that wronged them, the girls walk away stronger than before.

Just like the rest, the fun and catchy sounds of BP Rania’s “Beep Beep” will have you shouting “I’m Done” to all the bad boys in your life.

Sometimes a breakup isn’t enough – you want them to suffer and severely. 4Ten channel all that energy into this electric-guitar inspired and moody track “Severely.”

The boys of DAY6 absolutely impressed when they debuted with “Congratulations.” The song is saddening and offers a unique look on breaking up where you seem to be happy that this person is gone from your life so you can move on.

Boyfriend makes it clear that, even though they have decided to break up, they cannot resist thinking of how bad they will have it if they enter another relationship. “Don’t Touch My Girl” is a song riddled with emotions.

Big Bang’s unforgettable song “Lies” is the epitome of heartbreak. Even though you love that person and need them in your life, can you live with their lives? An unhealthy relationship is a no-no!

San E’s love sick rap song will make you drown in your emotions but realize that your feelings are important, too! The “Break Up Dinner” is a great portrayal of a typical ending to any relationship with a unique style and MV storyline.

GOT7 admit they are fools for this one person and no matter how much they want them to change, they simply can’t. The song is a refreshing style from their usually happy-go-lucky charms and paints the perfect image of how the dark side of love can change your feelings quickly.

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