KBS’s Jugglers courts Yoon Kyun-sang to become stoic boss

Hmmm… I can’t really imagine Yoon Kyun-sang (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) being a cold stick-in-the-mud after watching so many episodes of his cat-loving cuteness in Three Meals a Day, but he’s considering an offer to star in KBS’s new office drama Jugglers. According to his agency Popeye Entertainment, he’s reviewing the script, but it’s only one of many offers he’s received. Jugglers will tell the love story between a woman who “can do whatever she’s told” and a man who “does all his work himself.” She’ll be his secretary, and the title refers to her versatile role, where she has to wear multiple hats to juggle all the tasks at hand.

The woman is supposed to be actively passive; her core identity is tied to being a supporter, so she’s very willing to sacrifice herself for others. So I guess her personality is perfectly suited for her job as a secretary. Whereas, the man is completely shut down when it comes to relationships; he’s a brick wall-type boss, hard to read, and harder to please.

If he confirms, Yoon Kyun-sang will play the poker-faced stoic boss. He isn’t considerate of the people around him, and in fact, he’s pretty much coldly indifferent to everyone. However, with his tall height and a perfect body crafted into peak condition from years of boxing, he’s highly sought after by women. In terms of career, he’s not a genius, but he works hard at his job and has been promoted to a managerial position in the video business department.

PD Kim Jung-hyun, who directed the drama special In Search of Argenta, and new writer Jo Yong-hae are working together for this project. Well, at least it seems like the main relationship will be full of interesting imbalances like boss vs. secretary, and independent vs. passive personalities.

KBS’s Jugglers is scheduled to begin after upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Witch’s Courtroom, in December.

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