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The first episode of Andante had just aired yesterday and the hot topic about this drama has become about nothing else but EXO Kai and his acting skills. However, was EXO Kai’s acting on ‘Andante’ well received or completely criticized by fans and netizens? 

Although it was Kai’s first time acting and he was given a variety of scenes to work within the pilot episode, he found overall success and met the expectations of viewers in Korea and internationally. Alongside his fellow co-stars such as Lee Ye Hyun and Kim Jin Kyung, fans felt the drama’s storyline was well written and that each actor fulfilled their character’s role and style in a natural way. Check out what viewers said down below!

“Kai’s acting was natural and good”, “The drama was fun and the acting was good. I’m looking forward to next week. Kai fighting!”, “His visual is great for both as a singer and actor”, “I wasn’t sure about his acting since there were no lines and only music playing in the drama teasers but wow lol His lines were so catchy lol.” 

Are you excited to see the rest of the episodes? Don’t forget to tune in next week Thursday for more exciting episodes of ‘Andante.’

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