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Previously, fans were worried by the nonsense spouting out of trainee Han Seo Hee, who is guilty of providing drugs, including marijuana, to Big Bang’s T.O.P. Now, after referring to herself as an ‘atomic bomb threat’ and talking about T.O.P’s sex life on her Instagram Live stream, Han Seo Hee reveals the personal relationship the two idols shared.

Too many fans disappointment, on September 24th Han Seo Hee revealed the truth about actually dating T.O.P secretly for quite some time. “It’s true that I’ve dated him. He told a close unnie of mine that he wants to get to know me and that’s how we met. Several reporters know that T.O.P was the first one to approach me.”

During the live session, viewers still asked if she kept in touch or bothered contacted T.O.P after the court case and drug scandal. Han Seo Hee responded saying,  “We don’t contact each other. I’m using a different phone now and recently, ‘Choi Seung Hyun has added Han Seo Hee’ appeared (on messenger) so I deleted him immediately.” It seems T.O.P is the one who is still trying to keep a close relationship.

Previously in her Live feed, Han Seo Hee had angered fans after she had discussed T.O.P’s sex life by saying, “His penis is the size of a MAC,” which is referring to a MAC brand lipstick. What do you think of Han Seo Hee’s story and reveal? Is it all one-sided or could it really be true about her relationship with the Big Bang rapper? In other news, Han Seo Hee was found guilty of her crimes and admitted to the usage of drugs as well as holding. Stay tuned for more updates.

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