Oh dear oh dear. Never in a million years have I thought that I’d actually would not want to watch any drama at all. Dunno if it’s a good thing, but Mum and Dad certainly noticed my newfound commitment to our garden—as in the full on weeding, buying compost and fertilisers, preparing seed beds, sowing seeds, trimming plants, etc. complete with the requisite ajuhmma clothes—not that they are complaining. It’s just that after the first round of dramas this year ended (i.e. Seven-Day Queen), I just lost that urge to watch anything.

It’s just ironic and frustrating since at the beginning of the semester, full of anticipation for the next round of dramas, I even shaped my whole schedule around drama-watching. And just as I have managed to make my semester schedule to be free on Fridays (no classes whatsoever), it would be the time that I don’t really have any dramas to look forward to. GAAARRRRR.

But methinks I’ve found my gateway back to dramaland—after reading the recaps on Age of Youth 2, I would first like to watch the first season then move on the the current season, and then there’s The King’s Case Note (which isn’t a drama but a film, but hey), and A Taxi Driver (which though was screened in our country, was not available at our local cinema!!! The Inhumanity!!!). And then there’s Rescue Me, which methinks will be best watched in conjunction with Seasons 3-7 marathon/binge-watching of The Walking Dead. HEHE. So there.

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