Korea is currently celebrating their wonderful harvest holiday called Chuseok, and also referred to as the Korean Thanksgiving. While there are many things to be thankful for, Koreans gather with their families and rejoice with their elders and celebrate their ancestors over some delicious, traditional dishes. Check out these must-try dishes any fan of Chuseok and Korean culture should eat at least once!

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These rice cakes are filled with various, tasty fillings such as honey, peanut butter and mixed nuts that have been crushed into a fine powder. Koreans often make these with families and make a wish as they fill each pocket of this chewy treat!

Fruit is a must have at any Chuseok! While families bring a variety of tasty, healthy fruits, no other fruits is as important as the Korean pear. It is practically the king of fruits and will always be present in any Korean household during this holiday! Mangoes and Grapes are the runner-ups!

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Pajeon, which is a type of savory Korean pancake, is often filled with delicious vegetables such as pumpkin, cucumber, squash and even eggs and various fish. Enjoy the savory tastes in every bite!

Chuseok is all about celebrating the natural harvest, and Bibimbap is the perfect dish of nature’s finest ingredients. The plethora of healthy foods ranges from carrots, eggplants, lotus root, mushrooms and more! Don’t forget to add some gochujang (Korean pepper paste) from some added flavor with rice. The perfect dish for any vegan celebrating the holiday.

It is important to celebrate, respect and remember your ancestors by preparing a table of food for them as well! The tables are often decorated with decadent fruits, delicious dishes, and even alcohol! Makgeolli, a strong but sweet rice wine, is a common addition to the Chuseok feast!

What foods do you want to try from this list for your very first Chuseok? Share your thoughts and other favorite dishes down below!

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