SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “While You Were Sleeping” released new stills of the escalating tension between Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) and Lee Yoo Beom (Lee Sang Yeob).

In the drama, Jung Jae Chan and Lee Yoo Beom are enemies who have known each other from childhood. Jung Jae Chan is a relatively new prosecutor while Lee Yoo Beom, who was once his tutor, is a high-profile attorney who is well-respected by his co-workers and superiors. Despite Lee Yoo Beom’s flawless reputation, it seems he’s more like the devil-in-disguise, and Jung Jae Chan is the only one who knows that.

The new photos show evidence of their ill-fated relationship. From bickering about a legal case to Jung Jae Chan coldly stopping Lee Yoo Beom from laying a hand on him, the two men don’t seem to get along at all.


In the previous episode, Jung Jae Chan and Lee Yoo Beom were handling a domestic violence case. Lee Yoo Beom, whose client is the culprit behind the domestic violence case, tried to persuade Jung Jae Chan that the incident was nothing but a singular case of assault and pressured him to agree to a non-prosecution agreement. Jung Jae Chan, who isn’t fooled at all, nonchalantly says, “So this is how you do it.” Jung Jae Chan pointed out the immoral ways in which Lee Yoo Beom was able to free his client from several domestic violence charges, which angered Lee Yoo Beom.

Upcoming episodes will show how Jung Jae Chan and Lee Yoo Beom handle this case.

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