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While everyone became fans of Jeon So Mi after her amazing performances and time spent on the first season of hit idol survival program ‘Produce IOI,’ fans fell in love with her sister, Evelyn, even more after an appearance on ‘Unnies Slam Dunk 2.’

While Jeon So Mis father is always known for his acting role in hit dramas such as ‘Descendants of The Sun,’ Evelyn is taking a moment to shine in the TV spotlight as well after appearing on the very first episode of new variety program ‘Box Life.’

The purpose of the show is actually for Evelyn, who is accompanied by her father, to open various boxes, complete unique missions and review the items found inside. Fans were completely in love with Evelyn’s charming and innocent nature and especially adored the father-daughter relationship she shares with her Dad, Matthew.

The two really made the show entertaining with their comical sense of humor and hilarious challenges such as hem dressing up in tacky clothing in front of a green screen. Fans also couldn’t help but comment on how much she reminds them of Jeon So Mi, too. The first episode had aired on October 9th and will continue airing every Monday. You can check out a fun clip of the two in action down below!