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Unfortunate news has befallen fans of PRISTIN as well as their member Kyla. While she has been struggling with her health recently, it has been ultimately confirmed that the member’s health is deteriorating and she must rest and recover back in the states.

Due to the ongoing health issues, Kyla had visited the doctor while meeting with her family in the U.S.A for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). While we all hoped for better news regarding her health, it turns out Kyla’s health is only getting worse and she will be forced to go on an indefinite hiatus from the girl group PRISTIN until further notice.

After confirming the news over the holiday, PRISTIN’s agency Pledis responded with this official statement:

“We have to deliver unfortunate news to fans of PRISTIN. After returning home in the U.S. to rest during Chuseok and receiving a doctor’s check up, Kyla received advice to rest. Kyla wanted to continue her promotions while receiving treatment, and the company also hoped Kyla could go on promoting, but the doctor revealed that it would be difficult for Kyla to go on with her promotions in her current state of health. Recovery is her highest priority. We have decided that it would be best for Kyla to focus on recovery at her home in the U.S. We apologize to fans who love PRISTIN and Kyla for bringing sad news suddenly. However, we concluded that the most important thing is Kyla’s health, and made this decision while considering the long run. Kyla will rejoin PRISTIN once her health returns. Again, we ask fans to be understanding.”