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Netizens have proven their eagle-eyed skills yet again after uncovering some photos that prove Girl’s Day had received cosmetic injections during their “Nothing Last Forever” and “Twinkle Twinkle” promotions. 

The shots and cosmetic injections fans and netizens were discussing are carboxy shots, which is a moderately expensive type of shot that injects and infuses gaseous carbon dioxide into the fat in order to create the slimed down idol legs that everyone wants and has grown to desire. The exact description of carboxy shots is: “Carboxytherapy is the administration of carbon dioxide [CO2] gas for therapeutic purposes. Carbon Dioxide is the gas that gives carbonated beverages their “fizz.” It should not be confused with Carbon Monoxide gas, which is a by-product of oil combustion that can be deadly.” 

It has been a hot topic among netizens for years and girl groups such as Girls’ Generation and even f(x)’s Krystal have been accused of administering the shots. A Post had gone viral in the past discussing how female idols have the same birthmarks (or bruising) located slightly underneath their butts and around the back side of their upper thigh. It is an indication of the shot.

The photos, which were taken at various fan-meetings, outdoor stages and showcasing events, reveal shots underneath girls’ skirts which shows the light bruising that appears after injection. It was even revealed the girls. It was even proven that the shots were still being used during their “Hug Me Once” promotions as well. It seems the pervy photographers spotted something a little more unexpected. View more of the photos down below. 

What do you think of the shocking photos?

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