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Cast of MBC’s Two Cops gathers for first script read

It’s good to have you back in dramaland, Jo Jung-seok! The cast and crew of MBC’s Two Cops gathered for the show’s first script read at the end of September, and we have our first look at the leads and supporting cast together. Jo Jung-seok (Jealousy Incarnate) is joined by Hyeri (Entertainer), Kim Sun-ho (Strongest Deliveryman), Hoya (Radiant Office), and Lee Shi-un (Reunited Worlds) in the body-swapping crime drama.

To be perfectly honest, I’m mostly looking forward to Jo Jung-seok alternating between two very distinct, polar-opposite personalities. His character, a hardened violent crimes detective, finds himself sharing his own body with the soul of a sleazy con artist. It’s not exactly clear why the con artist, played by Kim Sun-ho, needs a new body for his soul to inhabit, but I can’t wait to watch Jo Jung-seok struggle as the two souls try to coexist. Or not. That might be funnier.

Hyeri will play a strong-willed reporter and love interest to Jo Jung-seok’s detective. It should be pretty funny watching her react to what appears to be his bizarre and extreme mood swings. She’s pretty much the only character in the main cast that doesn’t have a job related to—or are targets of—law enforcement. Like Hoya, who will adorably play Jo Jung-seok’s “office wife” as the youngest member of the veteran detective’s team. Lee Shi-un, on the other hand, plays a gangster on the wrong side of the law, who’s hilariously named Yong Pal-ie. With this cast, I’m really hoping there’s a heavy emphasis on the comedy.

I’m still warming up to the fact that Hyeri will be romanced by Jo Jung-seok, but I generally really like the cast and director Oh Hyun-jong, who most recently helmed Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju. The script is written by rookie screenwriter Byun Sang-soon, who won a competition last year with this show’s screenplay.

Two Cops will follow 20th Century Boy and Girl in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday slot.

Via iMBC, Sports Chosun, Ilgan Sports


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