Vloggers are becoming quite a popular fad in and outside of Korea, but fans were frightened after hearing a shocking story that one famous vlogger shared about a time she was almost kidnapped by a stranger in a taxi.

The famous vlogger, named BJ Kkotbin, admitted to having a night of partying and drinking during the time of her almost-kidnapping. She said, “After drinking with my friends, I was trying to hail a taxi home.” However, she didn’t expect the driver to almost abduct her. Before continuing her frightening tale, she stated she had a weird, gut-feeling to sit in the front.

Kkotbin continued saying, “I always sat in the back in a taxi, but on that day, when I saw the taxi driving in, for some weird reason I just wanted to sit in the front, when I’ve never sat in the front seat of a taxi before.” Upon opening the door to the passenger’s side and trying to enter the front seat, she suddenly noticed a man dressed in black hiding under the dashboard. She imitated his motions and showed a drawing to provide detail as well (shown above).

Kkotbin got emotional as she then stated, “I was so scared I couldn’t move. Suddenly, the driver then said to me ‘Hey, just hurry and go. Consider yourself lucky,’ and he drove away.” Talk about a story straight out of a nightmarish horror film!!

Now, Kkotbin has an irrational fear of taxis and has since been suspicious about checking any vehicle before entering. She warned many girls to do the same and be careful when entering a taxi. The world is a dangerous place. Check out her full story in the video down below.