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Fans of Sunmi started getting defensive and aggressive on her recent Instagram upload after they accused another celebrity of being a “creeper” and a “pervert” on her posts by leaving dirty comments.

The photo in question (shown above) shows Sunmi sitting in a velvet lined chair by a vintage lamp as she exudes an old-style, classic charm. Upon seeing the photo, comedian Jung Chan Woo commented on the photo saying, “You look elegant.” After seeing the comment, one fan responded to the comedian saying, “You sound perverted…” and it all went downhill from there.

The celebrity began defending himself by laughing and stating, “I am normal. I look out for Sunmi,” and “She’s pretty. I just said she was pretty, what is the problem?” The antagonizing user continued to belittle Jung Chan Woo by using “Please, control yourself… Just a little. TT_TT” He continued by replying, “Control what? Sunmi and I know each other well.” It seems the commenter was a total troll and it irked Jung Chan Woo as he continued to defend himself on the post.

The odd feud of commentary has captured the attention of many netizens and has been since circulating around various SNS platforms. What do you think of the comedian’s comments and the trolls antagonizing behavior? Was it out of line or did the user have a point?

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