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Park Eun-bin up to become a hot-tempered judge in Nothing to Lose

This would definitely be an interesting casting decision, for a variety of reasons. Hot off the heels of the second season of Age of Youth, Park Eun-bin has been offered what might be her first leading role in a Big 3 station miniseries, the upcoming courtroom drama Nothing to Lose. This is the show that’s replaced Park Shin-yang’s Flying Trapeze in SBS’s lineup, and it looks like the station is substituting the irascible psychiatrist with an irascible judge.

If she confirms, Park Eun-bin will play a fiery judge known for being incapable of holding back her temper in front of particularly shameless and despicable defendants. It would certainly make for an unusual courtroom scene to have the judge cursing at the defendant mid-trial, proper court procedure and etiquette be damned. Maybe that uncontrollable temper is why she becomes the first judge in South Korea to be held hostage in her own courtroom.

She didn’t become a Seoul District Court judge to mete out justice, but instead chose the field of law because of its material benefits. She might have become a judge for less than noble reasons, but she’ll get way in over her head when her older brother is framed for murder, and is himself killed by powers greater than her. The rookie judge will fight against these powers, and bring to light long-buried truths, while also restoring a battered sense of justice to the system. Sounds like a tall order for a judge known to spit out swear words in court.

I’m thrilled that Park Eun-bin is being offered lead roles in dramas, since she definitely has the talent to pull it off with aplomb. However, a smaller part of me is slightly incredulous at Park Eun-bin playing a judge. I’m not exactly sure how judges are appointed to their positions in Korea, but I might strain something trying to sufficiently suspend my disbelief enough to accept that she is one. Maybe she’s a geeenius judge??

Directing Nothing to Lose is PD Lee Kwang-young, who previously worked on Entertainer and drama special Puck! starring Lee Kwang-soo. The script will be written by writer Seo In, who doesn’t seem to have any previous credits. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does make it hard to gauge expectations.

Nothing to Lose will follow While You Were Sleeping on Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting sometime in November.

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