Ever since BTS was nominated and won an award at the BillBoard Music Awards a few months back, the boy group has become an icon of the K-Pop world, with artists (both within Korean and internationally) wanting to work with them and their fame spreading like a virus.

Steve Aoki is a powerful force in the music industry. Being praised for his musical talent and producing abilities from outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, ABC and BillBoard, the Japanese Electro House Musician DJ and producer wants to continue making waves with BTS. On October 8th, Steve Aoki revealed his current plans alongside BTS and provide information on their up and coming project!

During his interview with HollywoodLife.com Steven stated, “I’m working on a song that they (BTS) did in Korea that they asked me to remix and change up the beat and make it my own.” He added, “It’s an incredible song. The guys are so talented and it’s a pleasure to work with them and their team. I’m excited about that project.” 

Although a majority of ARMY are unaware of Steven Aoki’s influence in the music scene, the news was received well and fans thanked the artist for praising BTS. During the interview, Steve Aoki gave his respect and kudos to the boys by saying, “I think most artists could learn from that. They can dance and sing and they have a really interesting look. They represent the future. I love being around them and the inspiration I get working around them.”

In the end, he revealed he was happy to be working with them because “of their talent and connections with their fans!” Steve, as well as BTS, revealed their new song will be released soon! Stay tuned for more updates!