Sunmi has recently taken the stage and stolen our hearts with “Gashina,” but she is becoming a real hot topic after netizens claimed she is “not heterosexual.” Based on some photos from her Instagram, here is what netizens began gossiping about.

The photo in question (Shown above) features a cute but handsome selca of Sunmi where she is sporting some tomboy-ish clothing and has short nails. According to the reports and comments on Sunmi’s Instagram, netizens began stating, “Most females and idols have long, pretty fingernails. Why are yours so short?”

In response to the comments, Sunmi playfully replied, “Is there anything wrong with my nails? Haha.” It appears that Sunmi’s Instagram account is becoming a hot spot for drama recently an even the photo shown above gathered some tension after users began calling a comedian who commented on her post a pedophile after calling her “beautiful.” Guess you can’t live in peace, huh Sunmi? 

Other users quickly came to her defense saying, “Fingernails do not define femininity,” and “I have short finger nails… why is this an issue?” What do you think of netizens ridiculous commentary? Share your thoughts with us down below!

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