A new preview for JYP survival program “Stray Kids” features a special appearance by TWICE!

The clip shows a scene before JYP Entertainment’s trainee showcase, which TWICE attended to perform a special stage.

Trainee Bang Chan nervously knocks on the door of TWICE’s waiting room to greet them and is met with an warm welcome.

TWICE forms a path and tells him, “This is the road to your debut.”Once he makes it to the center, Jeongyeon is amazed that he is now taller than them and Sana reminisces, “Chan used to be this small,” to which Bang Chan argues, “I wasn’t that small!” TWICE retorts back, saying that it’s true, and Jihyo adds, “You and BamBam were both.”Nayeon asks how long he has been training, and he shares that it is his seventh year. Jihyo, who trained for 10 years, comments, “If you fill three more years, you will become like me,” and Bang Chan jokes, “Should I do three more years?”It is also revealed that Bang Chan is the oldest and the leader of the group, and TWICE explodes into cheers. Sana shares, “I saw him leading the other trainees during practice,” and the next scene shows his charismatic leadership during rehearsal.

Jeongyeon notes how the Stray Kids members don’t know how he was when he was younger as many of the TWICE members do, and a clip of Bang Chan as a child is revealed.

The video ends with TWICE leading a cheer to show their support for Bang Chan and his group.

“Stray Kids” airs its first episode on October 17 at 11 p.m. KST via Mnet.

Check out the full preview below!