While fans were delighted to hear the news of EXID wrapping up “Night Rather Than Day” promotions to pursue making a comeback as 5 now that their fellow member Solji has recovered from her previous condition, the unsettling feelings are returning. Unfortunately, odd but attention-grabbing umors are spreading of member Hani’s possible departure.

While none of the accusations have been confirmed to be true and their agency has yet to respond to any allegations, netizens began gathering clues as to why she might leave the group after a recent press meeting for their¬†“Full Moon” come back. During the event, they were asked about their current concept to which Hani replied, “It’s sexy… we always do something sexy.” Some stated they sensed disinterest in her comment.

Soon after, fans began comparing her success to the group’s success saying, “She has found her own success, look at all the endorsements and TV show appearances she does alone” and “Perhaps she might pull a SISTAR and leave the group once she becomes even bigger.” While many other fans felt these accusations were coming from a place of fear, others were not too happy by the comments and quickly defended the group.

How do you feel about these sudden rumors? In other news, Solji still might not be able to perform with the group as she has yet to fully recover and the group’s comeback is scheduled for November 7th! Stay tuned for more updates.

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