The lovely ladies of A Pink were disturbingly threatened yet again by another attack! Fans were mortified to hear that a crazy person warned the group of blowing them up with a planted bomb that was specifically targeted towards member Naeun. 

The girls were preparing to attend an event in Dongguk called the ‘Dongguk Love 111 Campaign to Celebrate the 1000th Anniversary, Commemorative Ceremony for Celebrity Alumni Donations and Public Relations Ambassador Appointment’  on October 13th. Unfortunately, two hours before the event a mystery caller tipped the police of “Bombs that have been placed at the event. Watch out, Naeun”

Shockingly enough, instead of canceling the event, police investigated the vicinity thoroughly and discovered no bombing devices or any other threats installed in the area. Sadly, this isn’t the first time the girl group has been threatened with bombing attacks! Back in June of this year, another caller (who people assume is the same person) made a similar threat.

Pledis Entertainment came forward with a statement saying, “It’s been determined the terrorist is from overseas. The person involved in the situation has been identified, and there are plans for Interpol to arrest him.”  Many feel it is similar to the threat BTS had from overseas involving a gun. What do you think of these disturbing calls and threats?

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